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Pyromagic Multi-media Productions Ltd. is the largest fireworks event production company in Asia today backed by the mother company Hop Kee Hong which was established by grandfather, Mr. Pui Chiu Moh, who jointed venture with Dongguan Import/ Export Natural Produce Corporation in 1952. At the time when the Chinese name was chosen, "Hop Kee" means "joint venture". The principle business was manufacturing and trading of Dongguan fireworks from China to Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asian countries.

In late 50s, the son, Mr. Alex Moh joined the company and expanded the business throughout the Middle East, South and Central America.

In the 60s, Alex and his shooting team, using Dongguan made display fireworks, conducted many fireworks displays in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines…etc. Although firing was 100% manual, a solid foundation of fireworks manufacturing, firing equipment, field experience, trouble shooting and experienced crew was well established.

In the 70s, Hop Kee's business grew rapidly. After President Nixon's visit in Beijing in 1972, U.S. opened its door for China trading. Hop Kee has become a pioneer in manufacturing and exporting fireworks, until to date, the company continues to be one of the largest fireworks exporters to the USA. The display fireworks business also increased to over 150 large scale shows in this decade.

In the 80s, Alex partnered with a U.S. display fireworks company to launch the first largest fireworks display in Victoria Harbour for Chinese New Year in 1982. Since then, the fireworks display has become the most significant harbour event for Hong Kong and one of the most prestigious fireworks show on earth.

In the 90s, Alex's son, Wilson Mao, has joined the company after his completion of Civil Engineering degree in University of Southern California (USC). Often freelancing for the major theme parks in California during his school years, in return, he was able to bring the most advanced generation of firing technology to Hong Kong.

In 1993, THUNDERBIRD BRAND display fireworks factories were established in Hunan Province. With three generations of profound experience and sharing of technology among our export customers, the network of Thunderbird Brand Fireworks is now the most recognized for its supreme quality and countless varieties throughout the world. Buyers all around the world conduct the most prestigious fireworks displays with Thunderbird products.

In 1994, with the relaxation for use of stage pyrotechnics in Hong Kong, Wilson formed Pyromagic. Since then, stage pyrotechnics and fireworks displays have becoming Pyromagic's main stream business in mainland China and Hong Kong's entertainment sectors. Pyromagic has conducted almost all the largest multi-media events in Hong Kong such as "Tsing Ma Bridge Opening” in April 1997, "Sino-British Handover Fireworks Display” in June 1997, "Millennium Extravaganza in Happy Valley” in 2000, "Fortune Global Forum” in 2001, "5th Anniversary of Handover for HKSAR” in 2002, the annual "Hong Kong Rugby Seven Closing” since 2001, the annual "Chinese New Year Fireworks Display” since 1998, the annual "China National Day Fireworks Display” since 1998, and the honorable “World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show” named by Guinness World Records – “The Symphony of Lights” since 2003.

In 2003, Pyromagic as a first entrant, joined the largest Pyromusical Competition in Montreal, Canada, competed among the top names in the industries. Despite the hardship with SARS that none of the home technicians can work there which forced the company to hire local technicians, with a great deal of uncertainties & perseverence, a Bronze Jupiter was awarded. In following years, awards were received as follows:

2003 Bronze Jupiter Award, Montreal, Canada
2004 Third Award, Tarragona, Spain
2005 Champion Award, Globalfest, Calgary, Canada
2005 Second Place, Liuyang, China
2006 Champion Award, Globalfest, Calgary, Canada
2007 Champion Award, Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China
2008 Second Prize, Danang, Vietnam
2008 People’s Choice Award, Vancouver, Canada
2009 Silver Jupiter Award, Montreal, Canada

Since 2007, Pyromagic has successfully conducted the pyrotechnic display for the annual mega New Year Countdown. Pyrotechnics discharged from 10 – 18 rooftops and IFC2 (Two International Finance Centre) façade, together with other multi-media lights, laser and sound covering more than 40 buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour. The show was conducted flawlessly and is continuing to be the annual show as Hong Kong’s official New Year Countdown display.

On 5th December 2009, the opening of East Asian Games was conducted in Victoria Harbour where 4-barge fireworks and 10-rooftop pyrotechnics was being fired simultaneously and remotely live, for the first time, along with live marine parade and show performance at Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Hong Kong is known to have high population. Having one of the world’s toughest law in fireworks yet possesses a beautiful skyline at Victoria Harbour, audience in Hong Kong has very high demand on scale and quality of mega events. While Hong Kong media often serves as a monitor in this demanding situation, a flawless event must be the final result. Pyromagic was born and has been operating in this demanding culture for many years, the only company who survives by delivering the highest quality and perfectly safe performance. Today, Pyromagic not only possesses this valuable software and its sophisticated management abilities, but also the largest volume and world’s best Pyrodigital firing equipment in Asia. With the toughest crew and world renowned Thunderbird products, Pyromagic is ready to enter the next toughest and biggest firework challenge anywhere on earth.