the largest fireworks event production company in HONG KONG since 1994

Pyromagic Multi-media Productions Limited has conducted almost all the largest multi-media events in Hong Kong such as “Tsing Ma Bridge Opening” in April 1997, the annual “Chinese New Year Fireworks Display” since 1998, the annual “China National Day Fireworks Display” since 1998.

We are the only company who survives by delivering the highest quality and perfectly safe performance. Today, Pyromagic not only possesses this valuable software and its sophisticated management abilities, but also the largest volume and world’s best Pyrodigital firing equipment in Asia. 

To alleviate the impact of Omicron on live multimedia events, company has taken a swift turn on drones to STEM and 5G AI technology. Aim to add our multimedia “ART” into “STEM” = “STEAM” to our youth education. 

The least but not last, certify competent pilots of STEM participants and AI drone technicians with AOPA certification. Our goal is to establish Hong Kong as the first international drone centre in the world. 

For more drone information, Please visit our website here.

The 25th International Fireworks Competition of Montreal

HSBC Celebration of Light Fireworks Competition

Danang International Fireworks Competition

The 1st International Fireworks Competition